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"The Road to Return" 
ORDINARY PEOPLE BECOMING EXTRAORDINARY in a journey to deeper understanding within their faith. This programme is about Jewish people young and old who grow up in a secular environment, but later become more observant of their religion. This programme reveals the highs, the lows and the challenges that they have overcome. It is informative, humorous and educational. A highly inspirational documentary. 


Di Rosen - The Power Within

"The Power Within"
1 hour weekly docuzine programme for sabc 3.
The subject was women, their struggles, achievements and personal development

           Di Rosen Television Producer/Director

“Simcha – a celebration of life” a religious docuzine programme which focuses on mysticism and spirituality within the Jewish faith.  

Di Rosen - Looking In Looking Out

 “Looking in Looking out a journey to the source”.
 programme focuses on the mystical elements  of 2 faiths, hinduism and judaism.  Filmed in india and israel.

Di Rosen Television Producer/Director

A documentary special for sabc religious department

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